Sep 14, 2009

Let'Em Ride Pro 2.0 for iPhone iPod Touch

Let'Em Ride Pro 2.0 iPhone iPod Touch

Let'Em Ride Pro 2.0 for iPhone iPod Touch | 6.3 MB

Let’em Ride PRO is an exciting addition to the PRO Series of Casino games by Avalinx. Like every PRO Series game, Let‘em Ride PRO will provide the insight, knowledge and training to confidently play at any game table in your favorite casino. With Let‘em Ride PRO, you can learn the rules, lingo and strategy for optimal play. Let‘em Ride PRO also provides you the tools to memorize the payout tables to maximize your fun!

Let’em Ride Poker is very similar to “Let It Ride Poker”, one the most exciting and popular casino games you can play. The game is derived from 5 Card Stud Poker, but in this game you are not playing against the dealer or other players, only against yourself. The goal of the game is to obtain a poker hand of a pair of tens or better. The better the hand, the better the payout.

The game begins by placing three main bets of equal size. You are then dealt three cards. After seeing your first three cards, you can either bring down one of your initial bets or “let’em ride” and leave it in play. The dealer will then turn over one of his two cards. Then you are given the same opportunity to bring down or ride another one of your initial bets. At that point, you are paid out odds on each of your remaining bets based on having a winning hand. If you were lucky enough to get a Royal Flush, you would be paid $1,000 to 1 on each of the bets you left on the table.

In addition to the main bet, Let‘em Ride PRO offers two additional bonus bets. You can place a $1 Bonus Bet, which pays as high as $20,000 if you get the elusive Royal Flush. Not a bad return on a single dollar, except that the odds of being dealt a Royal Flush are 649,750 to 1. The game also offers a 3 Card Bonus Bet, which is placed on the first three cards you are dealt. You can earn an extra payout with this bet, by
being dealt a pair or better in your first three cards.

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