Sep 17, 2009

Ceiling Eyes Cancels On The VMAs, Because Of Kristin Cavallari???


We can't decide whether this is genuinely the truth or if MTV is trying to pull a fast one on y'all and drag the VMAs into The Hills scripted "reality"!!

Ceiling Eyes has pulled out of her presenting duties at Sunday's Video Music Awards in NYC because she found out she'll be presenting with Kristin Cavallari!


"Audrina hates Kristin, and MTV sprung this on her last minute so she decided to cancel," a source dished to In Touch Weekly. "She doesn't even want to be in the same room with Kristin."

Patridge's stylist and hair and makeup team have been warned by Audrina not to book a job with another celeb for the VMAs or else.

Bitchy bitchy!

Of course, Kristin is more than pleased by the news of Audrina's last-minute cancellation.

Says a friend of Cavallari's: "Kristin is happy she won't be with Audrina. They never got along and Kristin is the star of The Hills, not Audrina."

Do U think it was Ceiling Eyes' decision, or did MTV play a heavy hand in Patridge pulling out????

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