Sep 15, 2009

iSniper 0.1.3 for iPhone iPod Touch

iSniper 0.1.3 for iPhone iPod Touch | 14.3 MB

iSniper is the most realistic sniper game your are looking for.
The story begins when a group of terrorists broke into MASQ Corp. HQ and hold hostages. Your squad, the best anti-terrorist unit in the world, is called to take control of this emergency situation.

However, this is just the top of an iceberg. A long and tough path is waiting for you and your team.
Hold your breath, seek, aim and FIRE!

- Cinematic story line.
- Turn and rotate your iPhone to aim.
- 'Hold-your-breath' mode for advanced accuracy.
- 6 missions around the world.
- 8 type of enemy.

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