Sep 8, 2009

Gold Audio Suite v3.2.1.2

Gold Audio Suite v3.2.1.2

A powerful program to work with audio files. With it you can record sound from microphone, internet, CD ROM, and any sound that passes through your sound card. The program can also convert files between popular audio formats, and that is not small, it is important - it makes very high quality. The program is easy to use, reliable and multifunctional.

• Record any sound that passes through your sound card, such as streaming Internet radio, music from a CD drive, sound from a microphone, etc.
• convert audio files in any format you need.
• Just edit the files and add various effects just a couple of mouse clicks.
• Quickly remove the audio from the video with high quality.
• rewrite the audio CD discs, and save your favorite music on your hard drive.
• Burn a CD quickly and easily - even for beginners.
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