Jan 27, 2010

Armed Assault 2. Patch v1.05 (2009/Eng)

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Armed Assault 2. Patch v1.05 (2009/Eng)

Released: 2009
Type patch: Official
Patch version: v1.05 [MULTI]
Tablet: Not required (official NoDVD)
Version of the game to install: v1.00; v1.01; v1.02; v1.03; v1.04 (cumulative)
Language: after installing the patch will be English
Size: 271 MB

List of changes:
* Free additional campaign «Eagle Wing»
* Free additional combat unit: helicopter AH-64D
* New multiplayer mode «When Diplomacy Fails»: the three factions and support of diplomatic relations between them
* Significant fix the AI and game balance (improved cooperation in the battle and situational awareness, added a new command "suppressing fire")
* Significantly improved performance, especially in big cities
* Fixed compatibility issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7 x64 with 8 GB of RAM or more
* Now the grass can be used to camouflage and at great distance from the enemy
* Improved system damage and interaction with the environment
* Improved visibility of objects, as well as fixed mapping unimportant objects at a distance
* Improved handling of the signal from the mouse
* Improved spatial sound
* Automatic start custom additions (units, structures, missions, etc.) due to binding format. Pbo to game
* Ability to toggle between windowed and full-screen mode at any time through the game menu, the keyboard shortcut Alt + Enter or control the video settings
* Fixed several bugs, crashes the game
* Support for Linux servers
* A new graphical interface for server configuration
* New graphical user interface for multi-user commands
* During the plot dialog command is not disabled
* Support FreeTrack through FreeTrackClient.dll
* Removed the DRM (digital rights management)
* Possibility for the user's choice to include protection from the use of cheats
This patch is compatible with all previous versions of ARMA 2, including the version available through STEAM.

* Set the patch (run ARMA2Update_105.exe);
* Play!

download link:
click here

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