Nov 12, 2009

Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in the World

1. Updown Court ($139 million)


Located in Windlesham, England, Updown Court is the most luxurious and expensive mansion in the world. With 103 rooms and 5 swimming pools, this palatial mansion enjoys the ambience of never-never land. With its bowling alley, a 50-seat screening room and squash court, Updown Court is a world of ultimate comfort.

2. Starwood Estate ($135 million)

Sprawling over an area of 56,000 sq ft is Starwood EstateBuilt located in Aspen, Colorado. Fifteen bedrooms and sixteen bathrooms form the massive structure of this mansion. Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz who is former ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the U.S.

3. Maison de L’Amitie ($125 million)

The colossal building of Maison de L’Amitie features an in-house 100ft swimming pool and a ballroom. Donald Trump, a billionaire real estate developer aims the house at setting a new US record. Auctioned at just $40 million, it rises above an obscene amount of $125 million. A 475 feet long ocean front stretch is the mainstay feature of this dream house.

Waterfront Estate, Pretoria ($100 million)


The Bosphorus in Istanbul is the location of Waterfront Estate in Turkey. Sprawling over an area of 30,000 sq ft, it is the fourth most pricy home in the world. Crystal chandeliers and gilded moldings are the beauty secrets of this palace.

5. Toprak Mansion ($92 million)

Toprak Mansion covering a sprawling area of 28,000 sq ft in the heart of London is a wonderful specimen of grand structure. Embracing the features of a neoclassical palace, it comes alive as hub of luxury with four kitchensand, two grand staircases, a swimming pool and a leisure complex.

6. Three Ponds ($75 million)

Bridgehampton is the location of Three Ponds in New York. It is a lavish and luxurious property to be owned by the most fortunate person. A golf course, a 75ft long swimming pool and 14 gardens are the lures of retreating to the comfort of this mansion. Three Ponds a complex of numerous buildings is an architectural achievement of Allan Greenberg.

7. Portabello Estate ($75 million)

The Portabello Estate on Corona del Mar in California boasts about its ultramodern interior with 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. Three separate oceanfronts add to the extravagance of this mansion sprawling over 30,000 sq ft.

Pierre Penthouse ($70 million)

Located on the top of one of the most luxurious hotels, Pierre Penthouse is a wonder of marble. The triplex apartment houses a grand salon, a wine cellar, marble bathrooms and a black marble staircase under its roof. The apartment with 20ft high doors offers views of the city.

Locksley Hall ($65 million)

Another magnificent property in California to earn its name as one of the most expensive homes in the world is Locksley Hall. The mesmeric views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the bay and Angel Island hang over Locksley Hall in Belvedere. Marble baths and herringbone floors are other fetching facets of this palace.

10. Oceanfront Estate ($65 million)

Oceanfront Estate is a beachfront paradise in Malibu, California. With a tennis court, a swimming pool and riding stables, the house is a hub of recreational activities. The landscape around the house is a collage of spectacular ocean views.

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